How To Reset Voltas AC Remote – Step By Step Guide


As the temperature keeps rising, air conditioners will play a more significant role in our daily life. Due to the brand’s reputation for providing effective cooling, homeowners commonly choose Voltas air conditioning systems.

On the other hand, the remote control for your Voltas air conditioner occasionally has problems and may not function properly or respond to your directions.

How To Reset Voltas AC Remote – step by step process

These kinds of issues are typically resolved by resetting the remote control. This post will give you a complete overview of the process to ensure that the Voltas AC remote control operates as smoothly and error-free as possible.

How To Reset Voltas AC Remote In Easy Steps

For a comprehensive list of error codes and their meanings, refer to the Voltas AC Error Code List article, which provides detailed information on troubleshooting common issues with Voltas air conditioners.

Now that this is known let’s look at the specifics and learn how to quickly and easily reset your Voltas AC remote.

  1. Check The Batteries
  2. Turn Off The AC
  3. Press The Reset Button
  4. Release The Reset Button
  5. Wait A Moment
  6. Reinsert Batteries (Optional)
  7. Turn On The AC

Check The Batteries:

The Voltas AC remote control needs to be reset, and the first step is to check the batteries. If the remote control’s batteries are low or dead, it might not function as intended.

Remove the lid from the battery compartment on the rear of the remote control and look inside. Replace them with new batteries of the same type and voltage as soon as you see they look low on power or have passed their expiration date.

Use top-notch batteries and ensure they are put correctly if you want your Voltas AC remote to function effectively. Invalid or expired batteries may cause a weak signal and subpar performance from the remote. When resetting your remote, always be sure brand-new, wholly charged batteries power it.

Turn Off The AC:

Turn the air conditioner off. The air conditioner needs to be turned off before continuing with the reset procedure. You may turn off your Voltas air conditioner by depressing the appliance’s power button or utilising the remote control. Before continuing, make sure the air conditioner is turned off.

Press The Reset Button:

Then, find and press the “Reset” button on the remote control for your Voltas AC unit. Often, it looks like a little button with the letters “Reset” or “RST” on it.

To reset the device, press and hold the “Reset” button with a pen, pencil, or another pointed item for a short period. The reset feature must be applied with enough pressure for it to work.

Release The Reset Button:

After briefly depressing the Reset button, you must release it. The reset procedure might have begun if you see the remote’s LEDs blinking or hear a beep. They both point to the beginning of the process. This step is essential because it restores the remote’s settings to how they were when it was first created.

Wait A Moment:

Please give your Voltas AC remote a few seconds to finish the reset procedure before moving on. The period may differ depending on the make and model of remote control you use for your air conditioner. During this period, you shouldn’t push any other buttons or operate your air conditioner in any way with the remote.

Reinsert Batteries (Optional):

If you remove the batteries before beginning the reset process, it’s time to put them back in the remote control. Ensure they are placed in the battery compartment with the correct polarity (+ and -).

Turn On The AC:

You can turn on the air conditioner by pressing the power button on the device or by re-plugging it into the outlet after waiting the necessary amount of time after disconnecting it from the power source. Please be patient; starting and steadying the air conditioner could take a few minutes.

Test the remote:

Look at the remote. Now that your air conditioning system has been turned on, you may check to see if your Voltas AC remote is working correctly after being reset.

If you wish to alter the temperature, the fan’s speed, or any other feature you frequently use, try playing with the remote control’s various buttons. If the remote is responding as expected and giving you the necessary control over your air conditioner, resetting it was effective.


Resetting the remote control is a quick and efficient way to fix issues with the Voltas AC remote control’s ability to perform its intended functions. You can quickly reset your Voltas AC remote and guarantee that your AC unit will run without hiccups or other problems by following the above instructions.

Always use high-quality batteries and handle the remote carefully to prevent unintentional harm. If you still have issues with your AC remote control even after performing a reset, the best course of action is to contact the Voltas customer service staff or look for a professional’s help.

Keep your cool and enjoy the comfort of your well-maintained Voltas air conditioner.

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