Best Non-Electric Water Purifier: Pure and Safe Drinking Water


Water is an integral component of our lives, and it is of the utmost importance to ensure that the water we drink is free of contaminants and won’t harm our bodies.

Non-electric water purifiers are an excellent option for people searching for a solution that is economical and kind to the environment, even though electric water purifiers are gaining more and more popularity.

In this article, we will go over the seven most excellent water purifiers that do not require electricity currently on the market.

Top 7 Non-Electric Water Purifiers

7 Best Non Electric Water Purifier In India

Water is essential to life. Water must be purified before drinking because not all sources are safe. Electric water purifiers are the most prevalent. However, they may need to be made available or feasible.

Non-electric water purifiers are ideal in such instances. Here are the 7 best non electric water purifier.

1. KENT Gold Optima Gravity Water Purifier :

KENT Gold Optima Gravity Water Purifier

The KENT Gold Optima Gravity Water Purifier uses a UF (Ultrafiltration) membrane to purify water without electricity and is gravity-based. This water purifier is made to be used in places without electricity or with erratic power supplies. Thanks to its thin and portable design, it may be mounted on a wall or placed on a table.

The cleaner is appropriate for small families and has a 10-litre capacity. It has a hollow fibre UF membrane that efficiently filters out cysts, germs, and other pollutants from water.

Additionally, the cleaner has a sediment filter that clears the water of sand and dirt. This purifier produces clean water that is safe to drink because it contains no chemical additives.

Both using and maintaining the KENT Gold Optima Gravity Water Purifier is simple. It can be readily cleaned with a brush and doesn’t need electricity or running water. The water is safe and hygienic thanks to the cleaner’s use of food-grade plastic. It also has a water level indicator that lets you know when the cleaner needs refilling.


  • Due to its lack of electricity, it can be used in places with unstable power supplies.
  • Cysts and germs may be successfully removed from water via the UF membrane.
  • With a water level indicator to let you know when the cleaner needs to be refilled, it is simple to use and maintain.
  • Food-grade plastic is used, guaranteeing the water’s safety and cleanliness.


  • Compared to electric cleaners, the process of purifying water is slow.
  • Requires routine filter cleaning and replacement to keep it operating at its best.

2. TATA Swach Cristella Advance+ Gravity Water Purifier:

TATA Swach Cristella Advance+ Gravity Water Purifier

The TATA Swach Cristella Advance+ Gravity Water Purifier uses cutting-edge technology to deliver clean drinking water. With 9 litres in the upper tank and 9 in the lower tank, this cleaner has a total capacity of 18 litres.

The purifier has a strong and durable design and comes in a lovely blue hue. It is appropriate for families with medium-sized to large sizes.

Using a silver-nano technology filter, the cleaner removes water pollutants, bacteria, and viruses from the water. The filter can purify up to 3000 litres of water before it needs to be replaced. Before the water enters the silver-nano filter, the cleaner also has a pre-sediment filter that filters out large and small particles.

The TATA Swach Cristella Advance+ Gravity Water Purifier is simple to use, and the tap on the lower tank makes it simple to discharge the filtered water. The purifier can be used in locations with erratic power supplies or limited access to running water because it doesn’t need either electricity or running water.


  • A significant 18-litre volume is appropriate for medium-sized to big families.
  • Up to 3000 litres of long filter life.
  • Pre-sediment filter that cleans the water of both coarse and fine particles.
  • Simple to use and comes with a tap to dispense filtered water.
  • There is no need for electricity or running water to operate.


  • When complete, it might be challenging to move and weigh a lot.

3. Eureka Forbes Xtra Tuff Water Purifier: 

Eureka Forbes Xtra Tuff Water Purifier

The Eureka Forbes Xtra Tuff water purifier uses gravity rather than electricity and is made to offer safe drinking water. It is a reasonably priced, transportable water purifier that may be used in residences, workplaces, and even on the road.

This water purifier is composed of premium plastic intended to last a long time. It has a 15-litre capacity, and two purification cartridges are included. Water pollutants, including sediment, chlorine, and odour, are removed from the water by the cartridges using activated carbon and other filters.

The Eureka Forbes Xtra Tuff water purifier is simple and doesn’t need electricity installation or power. Add water to the top chamber, and the filtered water will pass through the filtration cartridges and into the bottom section. For homes seeking a low-maintenance water filtration system, it is also simple to clean and maintain, making it a great choice.


  • An affordable and economical choice.
  • Easy to carry and utilise.
  • Neither installation nor electricity is needed.
  • Resilient and lasting.
  • Two purifying cartridges are included.
  • Simple to keep and clean.


  • Not recommended for usage in large families or businesses.
  • Manual refilling of the top chamber is necessary.

4. Nexqua Dew Non-Electric Purifier:

 Nexqua Dew Non-Electric Purifier

A dependable and user-friendly water filtration system that offers your family clean and safe drinking water is the Nexqua Dew UF Non-Electric Gravity Water Filter and Purifier. It comes with a carbon cartridge and a plastic tap and has a combined storage capacity of 7+7 litres.

The filter purges the water of pollutants, germs, and viruses using Ultrafiltration (UF) technology. The UF membrane can efficiently remove particles and germs that are too small to be seen with the naked eye because of its 0.01-micron pore size.

A sediment filter, an activated carbon filter, and a UF membrane are all included in the filter’s 5-stage filtration process. While chlorine, smells, and the activated carbon filter removes organic compounds, the sediment filter removes big particles like sand and dust. By eliminating germs and viruses, the UF membrane ensures the water is safe to drink.

The 14-litre tank is separated into a 7-litre top section for filtered water storage and a 7-litre bottom section for unfiltered water storage. With this function, you can use filtered water for drinking and cooking while continuing to use unfiltered water for household tasks like cleaning.


  • It does not need electricity to function.
  • Installation and use are simple.
  • A 5-stage filtering process ensures clean and secure drinking water.
  • Fourteen litres of large storage capacity.
  • Separated water storage spaces for filtered and unfiltered liquids.
  • Comes with a plastic tap and a carbon cartridge.


  • Manually replenishing is necessary.
  • Dissolved minerals or heavy metals might not be removed.
  • For optimum functioning, filters need to be changed periodically.

5. Prestige Non-Electric Acrylic Water Purifier:

Prestige Non-Electric Acrylic Water Purifier

The 18-litre size Prestige Non-Electric Acrylic Water Purifier PSWP 2.0 is a gravity-based water purifier. It has a multicoloured design making it a fashionable addition to any house or workplace.

By removing impurities and toxins from the water, this water purifier uses a gravity-based purification technique to make the water fit for drinking. It has a solid acrylic body that is long-lasting and resilient.

The water purifier has a hollow fibre ultrafiltration membrane that efficiently removes cysts, bacteria, and other undesirable microbes. The activated carbon filter removes chlorine smells and other contaminants, making the water safe, wholesome, and delicious. The transparent tank on this purifier enables customers to monitor the water level and determine when to refill.

The Prestige Non-Electric Acrylic Water Purifier PSWP 2.0 requires no electricity or plumbing and is simple to install. Additionally, it is simple to maintain and clean, making it a practical and hassle-free choice for homeowners.


  • A substantial 18-litre capacity.
  • Ultrafiltration membrane with hollow fibres efficiently eliminates dangerous bacteria.
  • The elegant multicolour design brings a bit of style to any room.
  • Users may keep track of the water level in a transparent tank.
  • Simple to install, maintain, and clean


  • It might not be suited for locations with very high pollution levels.
  • For large homes or offices, frequent replenishing can be necessary.

6. Livpure RO Water Purifiers:

Livpure RO Water Purifiers

A well-known name in the industry for water purifiers is Livpure. They supply a selection of RO (Reverse Osmosis) water purifiers built to deliver hygienic and sanitary drinking water. Their multi-stage RO water purifiers use a sediment filter, activated carbon filter, RO membrane, and UV disinfection as part of the purification process. Here is a thorough summary of everything they sell:

The 7-litre storage capacity of the Livpure Pep Pro ++ RO water purifier makes it ideal for a family of three to four people. A sediment filter, pre-activated carbon filter, RO membrane, UV disinfection, mineraliser, and silver-impregnated post-carbon filter are all parts of its six-stage purification process. Additionally, it features a function that automatically shuts off the water supply when the filter life is up.

Water purifier Livpure Glo 7-Litre RO + UV + Mineralizer: This water purifier has a 7-litre storage capacity and is appropriate for a family of three to four people. Sediment filter, pre-activated carbon filter, RO membrane, UV disinfection, mineraliser, and post-carbon filter are among the six stages of its six-stage purification process. A feature of it also warns you when the filter life is about to expire.

Water Purifier, Livpure Zinger 7-Liter RO + UV + UF + Mineralizer: This water purifier is appropriate for a family of three to four people and has a 7-litre storage capacity. The parts of its seven-stage purification process are the sediment filter, pre-activated carbon filter, RO membrane, UV disinfection, ultra-filtration, mineraliser, and post-carbon filter. A feature of it also warns you when the filter life is about to expire.


  • The multi-stage purification method used by Livpure RO water purifiers assures that the water is safe and clean for drinking.
  • They offer a variety of items to accommodate various family sizes and price ranges.
  • Automatic shut-off and filter life indicators are the only features available on Livpure RO water purifiers.
  • Their goods have a clean, contemporary appearance with any kitchen theme.


  • Regular maintenance, including filter replacements, is necessary, which can increase the cost over time.
  • For homes where the water has high TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) levels, their goods might need to be revised.

7. Purella Gravity Water Purifier:

 Purella Gravity Water Purifier

A non-electric water purifier called the Purella Gravity Water Purifier uses a four-stage filtration system to produce clean, safe drinking water. This gravity-based water purifier is made to remove contaminants, including bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and other impurities.

A ceramic filter is used in the initial filtration stage to remove particles and other pollutants from the water. Chlorine, herbicides, and other contaminants are removed during the second stage using activated carbon.

A hollow fibre ultrafiltration membrane is used in the third step to filter out germs and viruses. The fourth stage uses a mineral cartridge to add the necessary minerals to the water.

With a 15-litre storage capacity, the Purella Gravity Water Purifier is perfect for small to medium-sized families. It comprises food-grade plastic and is simple to put together and take apart. The cleaner is transportable and suitable for outdoor activities like picnics, hiking, and camping.


  • The 4-stage filtering procedure guarantees the water is clean and safe to drink.
  • It is a non-electric water filter, perfect for locations without electricity or recurrent power outages.
  • It is simple to use and transport outside because of its portable design.
  • The mineral cartridge restores essential minerals to the water, making it safer to drink.


  • The cleaner may have a higher initial cost than comparable non-electric water purifiers.
  • The cleaner might not be appropriate for usage by large families or businesses.


If you’re looking for an economical and environmentally responsible way to purify your drinking water, non-electric water purifiers are a great choice. There is a non-electric water purifier that will suit your demands whether you are in a highly contaminated location or have a limited water source.

There are many choices on the market, ranging from gravity-based to activated carbon purifiers. Pick the option that best satisfies your requirements to enjoy pure, secure, and healthy drinking water.

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